What We Do

Structural Steel


Structural Steel

Rochester Rigging, Inc. has the ability to manage any size or type of project, whether new, addition, or renovation. We are capable of meeting all of your fabrication and installation needs. Our welders are NYS AWS certified. Our installers have years of experience and work closely with our fabrication department to provide a quality finished product. Our new CNC Beam-Line System fabricates steel with unmatched speed and efficiency.

Miscellaneous Metals


Rochester Rigging, Inc. provides a wide variety of miscellaneous metal fabrication capabilities including:

  • Steel joists, gratings and metal decking.
  • Stairs, custom handrails, canopies, mezzanines and bollards.
  • Specialty products such as fire escapes, bumper railings, spiral stairs, and catwalks.
  • Finishes including galvanized, powder coating, and stainless steel.

Additional Services

Rochester Rigging, Inc. offers a variety of additional services for Owners,  General Contractors, Construction Managers and Architects including:

Engineering, Detailing & Drafting Services

All of our projects are carefully designed and engineered to meet specifications and codes. Our in-house detailing services use state-of-the-art, industry standard software, including AutoCAD and Tekla, 3D modeling systems.

Project Management Services

We can provide construction management, project management and project budgeting services. We work hard at monitoring the quality and progress of our jobs, track inventory costs, produce reports, and streamline business processes.

Maintenance Services

We can provide on-site Welding and Repairs.


Request a proposal today for custom-made weldments.

Aluminum Dock Ladders

We stock 3-step and 4-step aluminum pipe dock ladders. If you have a different specification; request a proposal today!