2018 Craftsmanship and Lifetime Achievement Award WINNER!

Rochester Rigging & Erectors, Inc. is  proud to announce today that our Project Manager, Dave Prest was nominated by The Pike Company for the Rochester Builders Exchange Craftsmanship and Lifetime Achievement Award for 2018.   The award honors his skill, integrity and responsibility in project management.  This award is given out every five years by the Rochester Builders Exchange. To win a craftsmanship award, projects must be of the highest level and demonstrate challenges that were overcome during construction.  The project that was reviewed was the Genesee Hall at the University of Rochester. This 72,000 sf residence hall was fabricated and erected by Rochester Rigging in the winter of 2016 with completion of the miscellaneous metals in the fall of 2017. The notable challenges were the extremely tight project site and the use of a licensed fabrication and erection method called SidePlate.  This method accelerated the schedule by three weeks for The Pike Company.  The awards dinner will take place on Saturday, March 24th at Locust Hill County Club.  

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